Hi, my name is Fabien Freling. I am an EPITA alumni, promotion 2008. At the end of my studies, I decided to major in cognitive science and artificial intelligence.

At EPITA, I led the Mac association EpiMac, where I learnt how to use a Mac to do my UNIX projects and then how to leverage the awesomeness in Mac OS X technologies.

I left for Princeton, New Jersey, to work for Siemens Corporate Research during my internship in computer graphics.

I went back to France, contributed a bit to Olena while working at IGR, graduated, and decided it was time to set sail again.

So I moved to Oslo, Norway, to work as a Qt software engineer for Nokia with the great people of Trolltech. But in the end, I decided Nokia’s new direction with Windows Phone didn’t suit me so I decided to fly back to France.

Damn I missed croissants.

I worked for LTU technologies as a research engineer in Paris, France. I implemented exciting computer vision stuff (image matching, retrieval, etc), following the state of the art in the field. Unfortunately LTU shut down in 2015.

I currently work for DxO in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. We work on great tools and hardware for photographers, making beautiful pictures just a few clicks away.

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