Web stack

Posted on 2019-06-26

Previous stacks

At first I used to write my website using raw HTML and CSS. I did so to learn the basics of websites. It was nothing fancy and soon I realized I wanted to be able to script some parts, such as common navigation items.

I used this opportunity to try a tool in a programming language I wanted to learn. I wanted to use a static website generator: since my personal website is simple, I’d rather not involve databases. As a result, I ended up using Hakyll.

But after using it every now and then, it became a black box and I didn’t fully understand how it worked.

Pandoc + Tup = ❤️

I decided to use Pandoc to convert from Markdown to HTML. It is widely used by other generators and takes care of the file conversion.

For automation, I use a simple top-level Makefile and Tup.